Bronze DOE Qualifying expedition - Pinnacles - 28-29 November 2020

By Sophie van Harlingen

We started the day by waking up far too early and driving down to the outskirts of Thames, after a quick stop at the information centre to check the maps we regrouped and started our hike up the Pinnacles. It took us a while to warm up and fall into the rhythm of hiking but after a few hours of torturous steps we stopped for lunch at a hydro dam. There were a few mishaps which ended in floor noodles and we were off again and by late afternoon we had reached the Pinnacles hut. We were all very excited to venture up the Pinnacles, so set up was quick and we walk-marched up the many flights of steps. The view was indescribable. You could see for miles and we had a lot of fun exploring the rocks and trying to get to the highest point. We also helped to build a wall to block off another track. Dinner was a quick but odd experience featuring mini marshmallows in mash potatoes. And thanks to some genius idea (mine) we ventured half way up the pinnacles, again, to watch an amazing sunset. 

On Sunday we woke up to a fire alarm at 6 am after a very cold night (thanks Taytes) we packed up camp and made a sad breakfast while watching other trampers eat a full english breakfast meal. :( The tramp down the mountain was very cold and wet and now noodles are ruined for me thanks to a very disappointing lunch. To finish our hike we crossed a river and regrouped to check in on each other and drive home. The traffic was weird, we passed two accidents and got in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere. 

Overall it was an interesting and fun weekend that I think everyone got something out of. On behalf of my group I would like to say thank you to all of the parents and teacher helpers, without you guys we would not have been able to do this and we are very thankful!