Otamatea High School
Otamatea High School


Career Events 2019

Rural Health Network Visit

A change was made to the annual career speed dating event for Year 9 students this year when the school got an offer from the NZ Rural General Practice Network to bring 10 university students to our school. These students are studying courses ranging from optometry, dentistry, nursing and medicine. After a short presentation about the wide range of health careers and the support students from rural schools can expect to receive to make it possible for them to go into any health career. The aim of the initiative is to get more students thinking about health careers and coming back to their own communities to work in them. After the presentation the university students set up five interactive activities which the school students participated in. The optometry students taught students about eye tests and colour blindness. Two of the medical students showed students how their knee reflexes work and student could test each others with patella hammers. The other two medical students taught the students the correct way of CPR with the help of a life size dummy. The dentistry students made moulds for the students showing them how it is done. The nursing students taught our students to take their own pulses and also take each others blood pressures. Our school students really learnt a lot and enjoyed the hour being in a medical "career".


Options Afternoon

With changes next year to the school's Bring your own Chromebook policy for Year 11 students, an afternoon was organised to inform parents and students about it. It was also just before all Year 10 to 12's had to make their subject choices for next year and so all the heads of essential learning areas explained the subjects that are new in the senior levels. Teachers of senior subjects made exhibits to show what is taught in the different year levels and were on hand to discuss the contents with students and parents. Also on hand were representatives of the three areas of tertiary education. Msssey University represented all the universities in the country. The BCITO person had information about all the trades they are responsible for as well as basic information about other training organisations. North Tec represented the polytechnic sector and had information about the various diploma and certificate courses available. The afternoon was well attended by a number of students and parents.



Nursing Day North Tec

Eight Year 12 and 13 students attended the Nursing Day at North Tec this year. Lecturers gave the 50 odd Northland school students detailed information about the entry requirements, contents of each year's work and benefits of studying the degree at North Tec. Then students sat in a number of different classes that was happening and saw how they were conducted and how big classes are. The third part of the programme was taken up with interactive sessions in the practice room where the students were shown and helped make a proper hospital bed; learnt how to take a patients vital signs and how to care for a baby in a cradle.