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Social Science

Social Science covers a range of subjects and skills at Years 7 to 13.


Years 7 - 8

In Years 7 and 8, social science combines with science to form inquiry learning. With teacher guidance, all students choose and research topics such as the Pacific World, Communities, Exploration and Local Industries.


Years 9 - 10

In Years 9 and 10, all students complete topics such as migration, the economic world, treaties, government and laws, multi-cultural societies and future studies. These topics all combine literacy skills such as reading carefully, picking out the main points, diagramming the main idea and paragraph writing. Therefore we are practising English skills, but in different settings.


Year 10

In Year 10 there is also an option course of Business Studies. This is an introduction to accounting, budgeting, economics and basic marketing.


Years 11 - 13

From Years 11-13, social science broadens out into geography, history, media studies, business/economics and tourism. All of these subjects have an internally assessed series of assessments and most have external assessments in November. A more detailed description of each subject is contained in the current OHS course directory.




Business/Economics takes the best parts of two subject areas to give students a wide overview of the business-economic world. Economics is covered first to understand how price controls demand and supply and how government, producers and consumers react to external shocks. Then students study the basic marketing mix to help them run their own business, which they do after writing a business plan covering: finance, operations, human resources and marketing.


Media Studies

Media Studies engages students in actively exploring, understanding, creating and enjoying the media and media products. In learning about the media and its links with society, media studies empowers students to become active citizens who are critical and creative thinkers. Media Studies enables students to put theory into practice in their own media production, engaging them in a creative activity which increases personal confidence and practical skills. Students have the opportunity to work cross curricular with Digital Technology curriculum in the use and production of moving image technologies.



Geography looks at mapping, sustainability, extreme natural events, urban studies, Amazonia, coastal studies, planning an event and global studies.



History includes the causes and consequences of major modern events and the emergence of new nations such as Vietnam. Level three delves into Elizabethan intrigue, sex, war and politics.