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We are passionate about Mathematics and Statistics at Otamatea High School and we believe that each student has the capacity to learn new mathematical ideas and to excel in mathematics. Our aim is to grow students' confidence in their abilities and to provide a range of rich and engaging experiences to use mathematics and statistics in a wide variety of situations.

Our Programmes

We offer a broad range of programmes through each level of the school that covers the New Zealand national curriculum and uses best practices for teaching and learning.

Year 9 and 10 - Students are taught by subject specialist teachers four times a week. We use a mixture of online learning, skills-strengthening approaches and problem-solving to prepare students for the senior programmes, and to enhance students’ enjoyment of their learning. We use the ‘Mathletics’ homework programme to help students to revise concepts and practice their maths skills in year 9. In year 10 they will be using a homework workbook.

Year 11 - We offer programmes suitable for all our learners, and a broad range of internal and external standards for assessment. Geometry, measurement, number, algebra, statistics and probability topics are offered, providing further pathways into senior mathematics and statistics programmes.

Year 12 - Students can chose from Mathematics with Algebra, Mathematics with Statistics, or General Mathematics in Year 12. Students can chose more than one of these options if they wish.

Year 13 - We offer more specialised programmes at this level: Calculus, Statistics, and General Maths. Again students can elect to do one or two of these courses according to their personal goals.

Our People

We have a great team which is committed to working together and 'always learning' to be the best in our field so our students can be successful. Our team includes Head of math, Mr Chris Gill, and Ms Alison Cadman, Mrs Monique Myburgh, Mr Dirk Smyth and Mr Samid Buksh.


There are a growing number of online resources to support students’ learning in Mathematics and Statistics. Here are some some links to commonly used and popular resources for students and their whanau: