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English is the study of communication. Students will learn how to communicate effectively: when they write, when the use visual images, and when they speak. They will also learn how to critically interpret what is being communicated to them. Otamatea High School is fortunate to have a strong English department of well-qualified and experienced teachers who are committed to working together to ensure we deliver learning programmes best suited to the needs of our learners.

Reading and Experience

Students will develop English skills by: writing creatively and formally, reading and experiencing a range of texts, speaking confidently in front of peers,
investigating the way language works and is used, and learning the rules
of language to communicate confidently.




Junior English provides valuable skills for life, with an emphasis on encouraging independent, personal reading and opportunities to practise writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. In addition, we are also focussed on preparing students for Year 11, 12 & 13 English and beyond.





Good Communication

Students use the literacy skills they learn in English every day in all subjects at school and in whatever career they pursue. It is essential to be a good communicator and to be able to fully understand what is being communicated.