Otamatea High School
Otamatea High School


The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre supports students in achieving at their individual potential.

The Centre is a busy, positive environment for students to work independently or with assistance on personalised programmes designed to meet their learning needs.


Teacher Assistants

We are privileged to have a dedicated, highly skilled team of Teacher Assistants available to students both in the Learning Centre itself and going out into classrooms to support students.

The Learning Centre provides student leadership opportunities through buddy reading, peer tutors, mentoring and lunchtime support groups.


Programmes currently run through the Learning Centre are:

  1. Numeracy support groups (Yr 7&8, Yr 9&10, L1 Numeracy) - Small groups that meet once a week to build on gaps in the student’s knowledge and build self confidence.
  2. Literacy support groups (Yr 7&8, Yr 9&10, L1 Literacy) - Small groups that meet once a week to develop reading comprehension skills and build self confidence.
  3. Buddy Reading - Senior Students buddy with Yr 7-9 students who would benefit from reading mileage. Students meet 2-3 times per week in the Library during morning whanau time.
  4. SPEC - South Pacific Education Courses - This is a comprehensive programme developed by Carolyn Baines.  There are several courses that are designed to be motivational, give student choice and develop the Key Competencies (Thinking, Relating to Others, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Managing Self and Participating and Contributing).


At Otamatea we run:

  1. SPEC Kiwi Quest - for students with particular learning needs. Students who complete this programme may move onto to Trump/Headway courses.
  2. SPEC Trump/Headway - For students in yr 8-10 who need to build their self belief and engage in learning in a positive, productive way.
  3. The NZ Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 1 - This is NOT an NCEA course but a separate Level 1 qualification which will appear on the students NZQA Record of Learning. This is a two year programme which is designed to assist students who may find it difficult to achieve NCEA. At Otamatea most of our students studying this will be able to develop and use material from these courses toward their NCEA L1 Literacy.





Feurerstein Instruments Enrichment (FIE)

Feurerstein Instruments Enrichment (FIE) standard programme is a method of brain strengthening designed to enhance an individual's learing and thinking strategies. It uses a series of non-curricular paper and pencil tasks, which strengthen learning skills through various cognitive exercises. Students learning to learn.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being part of this programme is seeing students' sense of well-being and confidence grow in all areas of their lives.

Student Comments:

"It helped me improve me spelling, angles and directions. I really enjoy doing it"

"I like it because is is sort of easy but also hard. I enjoy doing it though, especially when I get it straight away"

"I like it because it is different from classwork".





Special Assessment Conditions

These are co-ordinated through the Learning Centre by the SENCO (Huia Coll). Where a student is of average or above intelligence, but struggles with reading and/or writing, we can apply for Reader/Writer support in NCEA exams. We need to have identified this and have testing evidence BEFORE YEAR 11. Considerable time is spent analysing results and consulting with teachers to identify students who may be entitled to this.  If you have any concerns or queries regarding your own students eligibility for SAC, please contact the SENCO. 


Please contact Huia Coll, SENCO at huia.coll@otamatea.school.nz for more details.