Otamatea High School
Otamatea High School


Uniform Regulations



Students are expected to take pride in their uniform and wear it as prescribed by the uniform regulations. The school uniform is to be worn at school, when travelling to and from school, and at school events as appropriate. All uniform items must be clearly named.

All students must be in school uniform. If they have a note from their parent/caregiver excusing them for short term variations they will be directed to the uniform exchange where non-uniform items will be exchanged for a uniform item, on loan. Parents/caregivers should contact the school if they require further assistance for uniform.

School uniform items including PE uniform can be purchased from Paparoa Drapery, 2008 Paparoa Valley Road, Paparoa. Phone 09 431730


Year 7 - 12

Socks – Plain black

Footwear – Should be firm fitting, safe and appropriate to wear in a school setting. Plain, black covered shoes (no high tops), black soles and flat heels or fully black sandal with one back strap. In practical lessons such as technology and science, students may be required to wear covered shoes for safety reasons.

Shorts – Black polyester viscose blend with school logo

Skirt – Black pleated skirt polyester viscose blend with school logo

Trousers – Black polyester viscose blend with school logo. Black opaque tights or black pantihose – with shoes only

Shirt/Blouse – Button-up blue blouse/shirt with school logo

Jersey – Royal blue V-neck jersey with school logo

Hats – School regulation beanie or bucket hat. Bucket hats and beanies must not be worn inside

Scarf – School regulation black scarf only. Must not be worn inside.

Thermals/singlets –  A Black only singlet or thermal may be worn under the school shirt, and must be tucked in. No other under garments are to be worn including PE shirts.

Taonga & Jewellery – Small earrings may be worn (studs or sleepers only). Hands - one small ring. Facial piercings - Year 11-13 students are allowed a single nose stud. Taonga may be worn.

Hair – Must be kept clean and tidy. No extreme hairstyles

School blazer – These are available for Year 11-13 students and students who represent the school’s premier teams. Available from Paparoa Drapery.

PE Uniform (for all student in years 7 – 11) 

Iwi coloured regulation T shirt  Whātua – red,  Ngāpuhi – yellow,  Maniapoto – blue, Arawa – green

Shorts –  Plain black shorts. 

Togs – comfortable pool safe togs, rash shirts. (no cotton to be worn in the pool)

Year 13 / Mufti Day dress code

Respectable clothing appropriate for a school setting is expected.
Year 13s are permitted to have facial piercings (small studs and sleepers only).

The following are not acceptable:

Clothing with offensive logos, pictures or language ie: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, 
sex-related logos, pictures or language

Singlet or string shoulder strap tops. NB: all tops must have a sleeve

Crop or off the shoulder tops      Low cut tops       Exposed bra straps

Patched, torn, unhemmed or dirty clothing           Bandanas 

Very short skirts and shorts i.e no shorter than mid-thigh length, sport shorts

Offensive/inappropriate tattoos

Footwear: bare feet, work-boots, gumboots, slippers, rubber jandals