2020 Road Race

By Tina Holst


On Tuesday 20th October, Otamatea High School students hit the road to push themselves as hard as possible for the annual road race.  Year 10 student Morgan Bull won this year’s road race, finishing in a time of 19.32. Second place went to Isaac Ben Donald with a time of 21.20 ahead of third place, Jack Hodgson with a time of 21.52.

Year 12 student Trista Comer (4th overall) took out the girl’s race in a time of 23.15. Second place was year 9 students Sophie van Harlingen and Ella Crum with a time of 24.53.

147 students finished. The day was hot with very little breeze so students were very happy to get their juicy as they finished.

House results

The winning Iwi went to Ngapuhi who pulled away with points from the girls having 8 girls from Ngapuhi in the top 12. 

1st Ngapuhi  

2nd Whatua

3rd Maniapoto

4th Arawa

A big thank you to all the staff, parents and students who helped to make the event run so smoothly.

Males Year Group Winners  Females
Oliver Ford 7 Charlize Sheppard
Dean Sheppard 8 Annabella Allen
Cameron Fitzpatrick 9 Sophie van Harlingen
Morgan Bull 10 Leonie Beyer
Nasah Cullen 11 Billie Le Mesurier-Cowbourne
Ben Donald 12 Trista Comer
Tyler Young 13 Emma Huband