2020 Science Roadshow

By Andy Thomas

On the 18th June the Science Roadshow came to Otamatea. We have not seen them since 2018, so there was a great deal of excitement amongst the students to whom this was a new experience.

There were a range of amazing demonstrations, many of which the kids were involved in running. Did you know you cannot crush an egg in your hand, how cheese is made or the workings of atmospheric pressure.

There was also a huge range of exhibits, demonstrating many scientific principles, harmonic pendulums, vacuum pumps, fluid flow, wind machine (the favourite),  microscope and electrostatic equipment.

Special thanks needs to go to our student helpers:

Setting up by Cory Browne, Connor Sands, Alana Yardley, Ashlie Hugget and Sarah Campbell Winter.

Demonstrations on the day by, Willow Campbell,  Sara Anderson, Devine Henderson, Nathan Harris, Milly Hodgson, Molly Craig, Kylan Hattie, Emmet Denton, Vraj Patel, Kyin Smith and Mark Andersen. 

Also a special thanks goes to the Otamatea PTCA, who paid for the day, and ensured that all students would benefit from this great curriculum enhancement activity. 

 Roadshow insert 2