2020 Year 7s day at the OTA Fun Day

By Philippa Randell


Yay today was OTA fun day!! I was super enthusiastic and so were all the other year 7s who had been chosen to be leaders for the year 6s. We started the day off by welcoming them all off the buses and into Otamatea High School. We all gathered on the field and it was a lovely hot sunny day and then we started the activities. My favourite activity would have been the activity where you had to fill a bucket with a small cup and see which team could fill their bucket the fastest. 

Luckily there was plenty sunblock to spread around the masses of people. Chitter and chatter,  giggles and glee spread throughout the glossy green grass- and to finish it all off we had a lovely swim in the school pool.

By Bella Allen  and Jaime Warrington-Grace