Basketball and Futsal News

By Teresa Brown


On Wednesday the 8th of March we took 2 mixed senior teams to Whangarei to play Futsal. Although there weren't enough mixed teams to run a proper competition our teams ended up playing others for fun. Both teams had a great day and again Thanks to their coach Samid Buksh. 

On Thursday the 9th of March we took two Year 9 and 10 boys teams to Whangarei to also play Futsal. They came across some extreme physical teams. They did not place but enjoyed the experience and had a great day. 

Special thanks to all our students for taking the time to referee games.


Our Senior Boys travelled to Whangarei on the 15th of March to compete in the Northland Secondary School Senior Boys Volleyball tournament. Our top team came away in 3rd place and our second team did not place but had fun. This was a massive achievement and a huge thanks to their coach Samid Buksh.