Business Sprint Day 2022

By Robyn Baker

The Young Enterprise Scheme came to Otamatea High School for a single day event with the Level 1 Business Studies students. This event was all about the students working in groups to come up with a product that would promote our local area, thinking about the target market and the needs of the community. After a day of vigorous activities and small competitions, the students presented their final product to a panel of 3 judges from our community (thank you Terri, Eileen and Vipin). All the students came up with fantastic ideas and all managed to step outside of their comfort zone. 

The winners were Team 4, “Kaipara Culture Experience”, whose members were: Alicia Moir, Sophie Lawson, Max Cotching, Zyra Viloria, Jade Johnson and Mason Powell. Followed closely in second place by Team 2, “The Last Resort” including members Sophie Van Harlingen, Ella Crum, Piper Culpan, Noah Martin, Ashly Greig, and Starria Storey. 

A special nod went to Brookie Hyndman (Team 1 “Maungy Mall”) for her logo design and to Ryder Galloway-Meekings (Team 3 “Kan I”) for his model boat in the best advert.