Duke of Edinburgh Bronze practice tramp

By Ben Lawson Year 9

Our DOE bronze practice tramp began on Saturday the 14th of May and finished on the 15th.  It took place in Mangawhai at the Tanekaha walking trails, on Saturday, along with the Cliff top walk, on Sunday.  By the end of day one we would have walked with our packs for around six hours and had only the water that we brought with us to drink unless you wanted to fill it up from one of the many waterfalls. The walk took us to the trig station on the Tanekaha trail from where you could see as far as Waipu if you looked in the right direction.  We set up camp at around 4.30pm in the Mangawhai estuary campground.  At around six we started to make dinner.

Day two was the hardest day to set off on, due to your legs feeling like they were going to fall off, but once you started you realised that the pain was minimal. The cliff top walk was difficult for some but the views and walk back along the beach made it all worth it