Duke of Edinburgh Northern Circuit Silver Qualifier

By Robyn Bruce

On 29th April this group travelled to Whakapapa and began their tramp around Mt Ngauruhoe for their Silver qualifier. This was the last weekend of the Great Walk season and the weather for the four days was outstanding! The scenery was beautiful with the Red Crater and Emerald lakes both being highlights.

On day three,the group navigated their way to the Waihohonu Springs (the source of the Waihohonu River) This involved map reading and off-country tramping along a ridge.The group dropped down into a valley to find the bubbling springs and lunch was enjoyed beside them.This is the first Otamatea High School DOE group to have found these springs.  

Day four involved getting up at 5am and hiking through thick mist with headlamps on. Dawn arrived and the mountains were now hidden from view, reminding us of how lucky we had been to see them at all.

On the way home, we stopped at Taupo and enjoyed the warm waters of the Otumuheke Stream that flows into the Waikato River.