Green to Gold Students go to Northland Field Days

"On Thursday 2nd of March our Green to Gold class went on a trip to the Northland field  days. When we arrived at school we all met by the school vans and as soon as the bell rang we left so we could have as much time there as possible. As soon as we arrived it didn't take long for us to get in and then we were off. We were allowed to walk around and explore by ourselves as long as we had a buddy and we were back at the meeting spot on time. There were lots of exhibits and heaps of different things to look at. "   Willow Fraser

“We went to the Northland field days on Thursday 2nd of March in Dargaville to go and learn more about agriculture, sustainability and farming.” Zoey Smythe-King

“When we went in we beelined for the motorbikes and food court” Hank Savage-Serrano

“The Dargaville field days were fun because we had free time, but there weren't as many stalls there as there were in the past. It was hot as, but Fonterra came up with the absolute hook up with the chocolate milk in the farmer’s lounge.” Jaden Lambert