NCEA Practical Catch Up Day 1

By D. Smyth

Many students struggled to keep on top of their work during lockdown, but senior students with practical NCEA subjects were hardest hit. Today is the first of three NCEA practical catchup days we have put aside this term to help these students get back on track. Today students are catching up on music, hospitality, wood technology and construction. The next NCEA practical catchup day will be on the 9th of June. D. Smyth

Friday has been a very busy day for everyone down the workshop today with Senior Wood Technology and Construction Academy students catching up with their practical work after the lockdown period. The students are making a range of musical instruments this year; Digeridoos, Djembe drums, Ashiko drums, Pate Takirua, Electric guitars and Electric ukuleles. This has been a great opportunity for these students to trial and test how to make their instruments. The Construction students are using their time to complete their first practical project, the wooden garden seat before beginning their outdoor table.    M. North

Today the year 11 and 13 Hospitality students cooked up a storm in the kitchen. They spent the day baking delicious cakes and other treats as part of their practical catchup day and did us proud.  K. Meachin

As part of the NCEA practical Day, level 1 and 2 students rehearsed their group performances in preparation for their showcase next week.  A. Blake

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