Newly renovated classrooms at OHS

By OHS Students

This Wednesday was the first day we were able to use our newly renovated classrooms, D1 and D3. Work started during the end of lockdown and continues apace with the last classroom upgrade in the block now underway. Mrs Myburgh, Mrs Cadman and Mr Buksh had long been looking forward to the revamp and the students were too. We have not been disappointed. 

Sarah and Alana said “The newly renovated classrooms provide a clean and motivating learning environment. The new furniture is far more practical and is a significant step up from what we previously had. It provides an attractive and undistracted place for learning. We are extremely grateful to have this new space to work in and look forward to all the other renovations the school is receiving. Thank you to those who made this happen and the most importantly Mr Buksh deserves this lovely classroom. This modernised classroom boosts our learning”.

Caleb and Ben commented that “the classroom looks awesome because of the triangular desks. The blinds are amazing and a good idea to block the sun which is cool. The classroom colour is unique which gives the positive vibe in learning. As soon as I entered the room my reaction was "WOW". The carpets are good and remind me of a cinema”. 

Michael added, “When we walk into the classroom, it feels modern. A strong contrast from the boring tattered old D-Block. The room is bright, the whiteboard looks clean and spacious. The new furniture is different and exciting. The room looks ready to be used in the 21st century. It's almost enough to make mathematics fun. Thank you to the people who helped in this renovation”.