Northland Primary Schools Swimming 2023 

By T. Holst

The weather was beautiful, and the students were happy and ready to go. The students had an amazing day with amazing results. Congratulations!!

Sari Radd 1st 100m Freestyle 1:24.84s, 2nd 75m Medley 1.18.57s, 2nd 25m Freestyle 17.00s, 25m Backstroke 22.16, 2 nd 25m Breaststroke 25.77s.

Saskia Martin 6th 100m Freestyle 1.25.59s, 3rd 75 Medley 1.14.61s, 3rd 25m Freestyle 16.50s, 25m Backstroke 20.17m, 5th 25m Breaststroke 26.03s, 4th 25m Butterfly 21.87s.

Mason Forsyth-Hall 1st 100m Freestyle 1:29.81s, 1st 75m Medley 1.17.69s, 1st 25m Freestyle 17.45s, 1st 25m Backstroke 22.16s, 2nd 100m Medley 1.51.08s, 2nd 25m, Breaststroke 24.50s, 3rd 25m Butterfly 23.79s.

Dakota Jamieson 2nd 25m Freestyle 21.62s, 3rd 25m Breaststroke 24.31s.

Team Relay Finals
Whangarei 1st 58.05s, South Bay 2nd 1:05.42s, Far North 3rd 1:07.97s, Northern Wairoa 4th 1:09.09s, Otamatea Rodney 5th 1:10.47