Otamatea Business Market Day 2021

By Nazila Khan

OTA business market day was held at the school on 24th of September from 1:30pm and was a huge success! This market day was also part of two extensive six and nine credit assessments that allows students to work in groups to complete a detailed business plan, create and sell a product of their choice. This event gave students the opportunity to run a mini business for a day and earn real profit. We were amazed to see how well they carried out this activity while ensuring health and safety.

There was a variety of stalls that displayed products from candles to body scrubs and delicious food such as sushi and ice-cream sandwiches, which showed the great amount of effort students had devoted to this activity. Students sold out of their products and achieved their SMART goals. The seniors will be donating some of their profits to local charities.

The excellent weather and great music with full school support created a positive vibe and an entertaining day.

I would like to thank the staff and students of Otamatea High School for contributing to the success by supporting our young entrepreneurs. A very special thanks to Arina Bosch for supporting me behind the scenes as well as on the day.