Reporoa College – Otamatea High School Sports Exchange 2023

By Tina Holst


Sunday 13th – Tuesday 15th August (57th Annual Exchange)

The 57th Annual Exchange took place at Otamatea this year with 32 Reporoa students travelling up for the occasion. 

After a mix up from the Rotorua bus company Reporoa arrived slightly late where the Otamatea Kapa Haka group welcomed our guests with a powhiri. 

Sunday afternoon, in front of a packed crowd, the girls’ basketball teams had an exciting game. The final score being 35 – 14 to Otamatea. The boy’s game was a comfortable win to Otamatea with their skills out on the court outclassing Reporoa. The final score being 79 – 33 to Otamatea. Thanks must go to the Otamatea coaches Blake Worsfold and Don Lawson and to our Referees Kalem, Blake and Don from Kaipara Basketball.

The basketball was followed by a yummy, shared meal provided by the Otamatea staff and students.

Rugby  For a team that hasn't played together in a serious game of rugby for school our boys combined well to play a great game. The game was 10 a side. The final score was 54 - 10 to Otamatea. Thanks go to coach Lance Nepia, manager Bron Hames and referee Llew Smart.

Kapa Haka  This is the first year for the Kapa Haka competition to be included in the exchange. The aim is to grow kapa haka between the two schools. It was wonderful to watch and listen to both schools perform. There were three sections judged on – Haka, Waiata and Moteatea. Reporoa won the haka and waiata and Otamatea won the waiata. Reporoa won the competition overall. Thanks to Matua Wiremu (Ota), Roimata and Taira for their work with the Otamatea team. Thank you to Huia Coll and Matua Wiremu from Reporoa for judging on the day.

Futsal  This was an action-packed game with plenty of excitement. The final score shows how close the game was. After the initial 10 minutes Reporoa shut down Otamatea’s attack, with no goals scored until near the end of the game. The result was 4 – 1 to Otamatea. Thanks go to Samid Buksh for coaching and refereeing the game.

Netball The court conditions were good but unfortunately the weather turned with the rain coming in for the game. It was great to have many spectators watching with the game running during second break. Reporoa only had one training coming into the game and pride and determination. Otamatea won 68 – 2. Thanks go to Nikola Kemp for coaching and Kay for managing this team. Thanks also go to Leayah Buxton and Taira Phillips for umpiring the game.

Volleyball   The gym was full with exchange students keen to see how the game would unfold. The game was exciting to watch with great sportsmanship shown on both sides. Reporoa had the dominance of the game coming away with a 2- 0 set win. Thanks to Samid Buksh for his coaching the Otamatea team. Thanks also must go to Bruce Alison for Refereeing.

This year, Reporoa stayed at the Country Club along with some of Otamatea year 13 students. At the afternoon tea and evening dinner it was lovely to see the bonds between the students had grown with a happy relaxed atmosphere. A special thanks to Taira Phillips and her band of kitchen elves for the amazing kai throughout the exchange.

The overall result from the seven events, Otamatea came out with a 5 -2 win to secure the Hathoway Family Shield.

All in all the exchange was a huge success with a wonderful group of students who made everyone proud to be part of Otamatea High School.