SECURE THE PERIMETER! Our Solar and Paintball Trip

By Sophie and Chloe

On Thursday 30th of July 9P arrived at school eager and excited for the day ahead. We drove up to Whangarei to visit Hubands Energy where they showed us some of New Zealand's leading solar panels, explaining how they work and how much energy they produce. We even got to conduct an experiment with a model solar panel, calculating which angle was the most efficient to collect the sun's rays/energy. They also talked to us about the batteries that the energy is stored in, their life expectancy and the advantages of different brands and models.

We then made the drive to paintballing where we sat through a very long safety briefing and then all had a great time running around in the bush shooting each other, with some of the worst shots in the head, stomach and neck - it hurt!! But throughout all this fun and pain we learned how to apply our leadership skills that we have been learning in P.E and also trying different tactics and methods to try to win and not get shot.   

Overall we had a really fun day learning about solar and practicing our survival skills at paintballing. Thank you to Mrs Myburgh and Mr Buksh for organising and making this trip possible and also thank you to Mrs Buksh who helped with transport. Also, we want to thank the staff at Hubands Energy who were kind enough to show us around their shop.