Trip to Goat Island

By Anna Liddington / Tony Baker

The Level 2 Physical Education, Level 2 Sport Leadership and Level 1 Geography class took part in a day trip to the Goat Island Marine Reserve on Monday 16th March 2020. The trip focused on snorkeling and exploring the marine reserve.  The Level 2 classes were applying a range of risk management strategies in the context of snorkeling. This required them to plan and carry out a range of strategies to minimise specific risks in the outdoors. The Level 1 Geographers were looking at Eco Tourism and the Marine Reserves and the effects on both the environment and people of these.

After snorkeling and seeing loads of snapper and stingray, the students visited the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre run by the University of Auckland. Students learnt about the significance of the marine reserve, the effects that tourism and plastic is having on marine life, and examined live sea creatures in the touch tanks.

Thanks to Ms Liddington, Mr Alison, Mr Baker and Ms Simmonds for an amazing trip.