Year 10 End of Year Camp 2021

By Bruce Alison

This year saw quite a different Year 10 camp and given the weather we had it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

We took students mountain biking, played disc golf, shot clay targets at the Westlake's Farm, Built rafts, ate good food, played games on our massive slip n slide mat, had a go at archery, played bowls, and spent a day at the beach.

Staying at school was quite different but really quite a lot of fun, the students were in great spirits and got into each activity. A huge thanks to Richard Westlake and Phil Cotching. Each student had a go at clay target shooting and they made this activity fun and engaging and students came back to school buzzing. Another big thanks goes to the bowls club for the use of their facilities and equipment. Disc Golf at the country club was fun and watching Mr Buksh throw his disc as hard as he could only to see it land 20 metres behind him was quite entertaining. Students came back from each mountain biking session covered in mud and sheep manure and with huge smiles on their faces. Mr Burnell could be heard laughing from halfway through the school when students were attempting to build their rafts. Slip n slide hockey is always a mixture of danger and fun, groups had a great time getting all soapy and taking each other out. The weather blew through early Monday morning so we were able to go to Mangawhai for a great day of beach activities on Wednesday. A special mention has to go to the girls kept the camp tradition of pranking each other well and truely alive with a stink bomb attack at 3.30am in the Gym, the teachers really appreciated that! 

All in all a great camp that was made really enjoyable with the support of great teachers, Alice Croskery, Anna Liddington, Annette Atkins, Nicola Kemp, Dave Burnell, Marco Troost, Samid Buksh and Dylan Algie.

A huge thanks to our senior students and helped out too Lilly Hosford was amazing with helping Nicola, Jack Hodgson got stuck into everything as did Alfie Vinnels and Kieran Fergus, Grace Kemp, Brenda Ferguson and Renee Allen were amazing with their respective groups and it is always great to see our student leaders put their skills to use and to reminisce about what we did at their Year 10 camp.

Lastly, a huge thanks to our awesome Year 10 cohort, they are a credit to not only our awesome little school but also to their communities. They got stuck into each activity and had a great time, helped where and when they were asked and were an absolute pleasure to have on camp.

Bring on 2022 Year 10 Camp.